Air Conditioning

Has your air conditioning broken down, system not working as efficiently as before?

CTS can offer you a one off service to correct any faults and leave it operating at its peak performance, or offer a annual planned, preventative AC maintenance package for scheduled inspections and servicing of your Air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Poorly operating heating and cooling equipment can represent up to 50% energy and operational waste. Dirty or damaged air filters, clogged coils and heat exchangers and badly-functioning controls all contribute to expensive, premature breakdowns and energy waste, serious consequences that will affect your bottom line.

We provide the following services:

Air conditioning services, air conditioning repairs, air conditioning consultancy, air conditioning design Service and repair and Installation. We will send you an engineer to repair or service your system, no contract, no obligations, just ring and we will have your system running efficiently in no time.

Annual air conditioning service agreement

We offer a range of options to cover your needs, the most popular standard agreement offers the following:

  • 1 – 4 service visits per annum (depending on usage and environment)
  • Weekly or monthly visits (if you need a bit more assistance)
  • Out of normal working hours where required (less disruption to your staff)
  • 4 hour response call out facility
  • Full maintenance and cleaning of units
  • Free quotations (new systems, re-positioning, extra units, spare parts, temperature recordings etc)
  • System leak testing AC Maintenance and servicing records: Operators of all stationary systems containing 3kg or more of F Gases must maintain records including;
  • Quantity and type of F Gas installed, added or recovered The system should be labelled with the total charge
  • ID of the company or engineer carrying out the servicing and details of the operator
  • Dates and results of leak checks, specifically identifying separate pieces of equipment containing 30kg or more of refrigerant

*From 01/01/2010 – The use of virgin HCFCs shall be prohibited in the maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment existing at that date.

From 01/01/2015 – The use of recycled HCFC’s will be prohibited in the maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment existing at that date. This may affect your current systems, if your system is running on R22 refrigerant you should be thinking about replacement in the near future. From January 1st 2010 it will be difficult to get spares and additional refrigerant.*

  • Service
  • Repairs
  • Emergencies 24/7
  • Installation
  • Consultancy

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