We understand the pressure that comes on your business when a vital piece of your refrigeration equipment breaks down. That’s why our service are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Reactive Maintenance

Our reactive service team deal with all types of emergency service calls which can vary from large Freezer Rooms to small Ice Machines. Our goal is always to get a first time fix in order to minimise disruption to your business. Our Engineers always carry a variety of spare parts in order to achieve this goal of a first time fix! If the piece of equipment is unfixable and requires extra work you will be given a quotation of extra works to be carried out and the parts will be ordered straight away.


For the smooth running of your business we offer a wide range of contracts which will see all of your equipment protected under our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) options. To enable you to budget for the future we offer both 5 and 7 day service cover, added to this we also offer 1,2 or 3 preventative visits per year. The flexibility of our contracts lets you choose the right package for your business.

F-Gas Certification

Is your Refrigeration Equipment Compliant? The new F-gas regulations became law on the 4th July with the majority of measures taking effect from 4th July 2007. Operators of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment shall use all measures which are technically feasible and do not entail disproportionate cost to prevent leakage of HFC’s and as soon as possible repair and detect leakage. These operators shall ensure systems are checked for leakage by certified personnel, as defined by the training and certification requirement.

Leakage Inspection.

More than 3Kg charge – checked and certificate issued every 12 months More than 30Kg charge – checked and certificate issued at least every 6 months. More than 300Kg charge- checked and certificate issued every 3 month.

Record Keeping

Operators of equipment with more than 3Kg will need to maintain records on the quantity and type of HFC installed, and quantities added or removed, along with leak checks and actions taken. These records need to be made available on request. CTS will do this as part of our maintenance agreements.


Operators of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment are responsible for putting in place arrangements for the proper recovery by certified personnel who comply with training and certification requirements.

Our Promise

At CTS we offer full record keeping, recovery and F-gas certification as part of our service agreement plans.
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